Saturday, 19 August, 2017

Key Areas of Work

Membership Support & Development

AONTAS has approximately 550 voluntary, statutory and individual members. The organisation works to support the work of its members through the provision of information, lobby campaigns, organising networking opportunities for members and representation at national level.

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Under its Strategic Plan 2015-2018 AONTAS is continuing to develop membership support structures with three strategic goals;

  • Advocating and lobbying for developing of a quality service for adult learners.
  • Promoting the value and benefits of adult learning.
  • Building Organisational capacity.


Through its policy work AONTAS lobbies to influence the development of policy in relation to adult education. Over the course of the current AONTAS Strategic Plan, AONTAS policy work will focus on accreditation, learner supports, adults and higher education and adult education and citizenship. Views and feedback from membership inform the policy work of the organisation.


AONTAS is represented on a number of key policy committees involved in adult education. This representational work enables the organisation to influence policy development in relation to adult education.

Promotion of Adult Education

AONTAS works to raise the profile of adult and community education. AONTAS also organises the Adult Learners' Festival once a year. 

Information Referral Service

The AONTAS Information Referral Service provides basic information for adults interested in returning to education and tries to make the adult learner's encounter with education as smooth as possible. The service can be contacted by telephone or via email -

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AONTAS regularly publishes reports, discussion papers and a range of other documents in relation to adult education. These documents are made available to members, adult education providers and participants and member of the general public.

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Transnational Work

AONTAS endeavours to keep up to date with developments in adult education at an international level. Members of the AONTAS staff and the Executive Committee regularly attend international conferences and seminars. The organisation also welcomes visitors from international organisations involved in adult education.

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