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Validation of Prior Learning in Ireland: A Learner’s Experience

Posted on May 03, 2017

Una Buckley1The learner voice sits firmly at the heart of AONTAS’ work. As the National Adult Learning Organisation in Ireland, we believe that in order to widen participation in lifelong learning, we must listen to the voices and experiences of learners. AONTAS spoke to adult learner advocate Una Buckley about Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Una details her personal experience of RPL and gives some suggestions on how to make the process more accessible for learners.

RPL in Ireland

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How we can build local adult learner voices- the ALFI meeting October 26th

Posted on October 11, 2011

ALFI 2010 2 - Learners at the ALFI meeting in Athlone in November 2010
Learners at the ALFI meeting in Athlone in November 2010

At last year's Adult Learners' Forum of Ireland (ALFI) meeting, one of the main areas of discussion was how to develop a sustainable national platform for Adult Learners. Participants at the inaugural ALFI meeting not only wanted to see a strong national voice, they realised that if it was to grow and develop, it needed to be built on solid foundations.Learners at the ALFI in 2010

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