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Speak Today, Shape Tomorrow!

Posted on January 07, 2016

Solas 39AONTAS is delighted to announce the first meeting of the National Adult Learner Forum will be held on Friday 26th February during the AONTAS Adult Learners Festival.

What is the National Adult Learner Forum: 

The National Adult Learner Forum will provide a space for learners who are currently in further education and training to come together and have a unique opportunity to directly influence the further education and training service based on their needs by considering the following:

What is working well in the Further Education and Training Service?

What is not working in Further Education and Training and how can it be improved?

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The National Adult Learner Forum 2016

Posted on April 10, 2015

Solas 23AONTAS Experience

AONTAS has many years’ experience of organising and facilitating learner events and giving people a platform to voice their issues. Examples of this include our Lobby for Learning Days in which policy makers were given the opportunity to engage in dialogue with learners, and the SOLAS Learner Consultation in which learners were given an opportunity to help influence the Further Education and Training (FET) Strategy. As a result of this work AONTAS has been named as the main lead organisation in the FET Strategy to establish a National Adult Learner Forum.

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