Saturday, 19 August, 2017

Community Education Network Meetings


collage4CEN May 21stMembers of the Community Education Network created their own strategic work plan. It outlines a framework to base the work of the Network and allows monitoring of progress and achievements.

The work is driven through national meetings which are focused, out-comes driven, participative and lively. Members also have an opportunity to network, share ideas and experience.
'Support. Sense of solidarity. Discussion of issues pertaining to community education.'
'Getting together with like-minded people & info-sharing...getting the energy to stay committed to community education in this hostile environment.'

CEN Calls for QQI Fees Waiver for Re-engagement

The AONTAS Community Education Network has called for a waiver for independently managed community education providers (legacy providers) for QQI re-engagement.  The re-engagement process involves legacy providers having their Quality Assurance (QA) procedures approved by the QQI.  QA approval means that the provider can offer QQI validated programmes leading to QQI awards.  The issue that community education organisations have is the newly introduced fee for the re-engagement  process, which may amount to €5,000.  Based on the CEN focus group (28th May), the following paper was developed.  Please read this paper to learn more about the issue and support advocacy work to waive the fee for not-for-profit community education organisations.

Campaign for no QQI re-engagement fee for community education legacy providers

Download the Paper: QQI Re-engagement for Community Education Legacy Providers - A roadmap of scenarios for effective accredited community education provision Version 2 (2015)

The QQI Re-engagement Fee:  And the case for a waiver for independently managed community education providers

Download the Template Letter to send to TDs and Senators

 AONTAS' Response to QQI QA Guidelines and Criteria for Voluntary Providers of Further Education and Training (July, 2015).


Background information:

Please find a link to the AONTAS Community Education Network Submission to the Quality and Qualifications Ireland(QQI), 9th May 2014.

1. QQI White Paper: Re-Engagement with Legacy Providers: Overarching Policy.

11. QQI White Paper: Policy and Criteria for Further Education and Training Legacy Voluntary Providers Continuing Access to Validation of Programmes Leading to QQI Awards.

A link to our paper regarding proposed QQI fees for Community Education groups.

A summary update on advocacy work regarding QQI Awards


Effective Funding Model for Community Education

In 2011 the AONTAS Community Education Network developed a detailed paper on how community education could effectively be funded. Still relevant today, the paper outlines how community education has been funded and what is needed in order to create an effective community education system that takes into account the need for core funding, learner supports and effective staffing. Read it here.

Strategic Work Plan for the Community Education Network