Saturday, 19 August, 2017

Community Education Network

Do you want to join the Irish Community Education Network?CEN meeting 13 019

The Community Education Network comprises over 130 community education organisations which work collectively to gain recognition for community education, raise its profile and lobby to ensure it is adequately resourced. It was established in 2007 and has three national meetings per year. It is unique in that it is the only national network that is dedicated to independent voluntary community education groups who are committed to social change.

For a full history of the community education network download this paper.

Membership of the Irish Community Education Network is free for AONTAS members! Click here to apply for CEN Membership. Please Note CEN Membership is subject to criteria; All members must be local, self-managed, independent community education organisation committed to social change. 

Click here for the CEN Membership flyer and further information on joining the Community Education Network.

Irish Community Education Network

The Irish Community Education Network was established in 2007 and has given a voice to, and improved the visibility of independent community education provision. The Network has grown from strength to strength over the last number of years and strives to become more representative of community education across Ireland.

We are asking all existing and prospective members of the Community Education Network to formally become members by completing this form online

048Aim of the network

AONTAS Community Education Network
Community of Practice: demonstrating the value and outcomes of community education
Community of Educators: continuous professional development for community education practitioners
Community of Reflection: facilitating discussion on community education in a changing context - how to maintain its role and ethos
Community of Advocacy: identifying and lobbying on specific issues relating to community education
Community of Support: peer support, exchange and shared learning with other community education groups 


Who can join the Community Education Network?

Any local, self-managed, independent community education organisation that is committed to raising the profile of, and lobbying for, a community education sector that is committed to social change.

Mission Statement

DSC05748To achieve a greater public understanding of the value of community education and have it recognised as a distinctly funded sector of the Irish Education system.

For more information on the Community Education Network or to join please contact Suzanne Kyle. Click here to join now by completing our online Membership Form. 

Raise the Voice of Community Education!

The Community Education Network has many resources that you can use for your lobbying activites. Just click on the link and access the resource. Please download the position paper and the manifesto and save it to your computer.

  1. Position paper (use to inform yourself)
  2. Manifesto (print out; give to learners, politicians etc.): Manifesto 1, Manifesto 2, Manifesto 3
  3. Television programmes 'Beyond the Classroom' (upload to your website or use at your meeting with politicians)
  4. CEN History Paper (Print out, inform yourself and others)
  5. Adult Learners' Festival Events: Raise your Voice for Adult Learning (Host a lobbying event in your centre, invite politicians and given them the manifesto)
  6. Small scale research on funding for community education (used as basis for position paper)
  7. Training Links Flyer 2012
  8. CEN Membership Flyer
  9. Concerns articulated by the AONTAS Community Education Network Regarding new FETAC Processes and the Position of Community Education in the new Authority - Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)
  10. Concerns for the Community Education Sector in a Time of Change' Opinions from the Community Education Network (CEN) on challenges they see facing the community education sector
  11. Issues regarding the implementation of the new Back to Education Initiative (BTEI) Operational Guidelines 2012 and its implications for the AONTAS Community Education Network (CEN

Download your resource pack here (which includes what you can say to politicians and an email you can send them)