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Community Education Research

Sowing the Seeds of Social Change - 2011Publication cover - Sowing the seeds of social changeCover image for Sowing the seeds of social change

The Outcomes and Impact of a Social Action Model of Community Education.

This research is a companion piece to the one conducted by AONTAS in 2010, More than Just a Course, about the outcomes and impact of Department of Education (DES) funded community education.

This research explores the learner outcomes and impact of a group of community education centres operating from a distinct model of community education, named in this report as the social action model of community education.

Aim of the research: To determine the individual, collective and aggregate outcomes of community education provided by independently managed groups that aspire to a social action model of community education.

All participating centres are members of the AONTAS Community Education Network (CEN) and this research will be used to contribute to the visibility and value of community education.

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Community Education: More than just a course - 2010

Publication cover - Community Education-more than just a courseCover image for Community Education-more than just a courseAim of the research: To determine the individual, collective and societal outcomes of Department of Education and Science (DES) funded community education and its potential to contribute to a fairer, just and more prosperous Republic of Ireland.

To date, there has been no national research in Ireland scoping the outcomes of community education for learners, communities and the State. Community education is an important first step back into second chance learning for many adults and a national piece of research exploring its outcomes has much to offer key stakeholders in adult and community education in Ireland, telling us about: what approaches work; how they work; what progression routes are followed, and the quality of life benefits that it can have.

In turn, a validated set of research results could do much to demonstrate the monetary value of community education, contributing to debate about appropriate investment in the sector.

The report was launched during the Adult Learners Festival in February 2011.024

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