Saturday, 19 August, 2017

Adult Education in Ireland

AONTAS as a membership organisation believes in the right of every adult to continue their learning throughout their lives. The mission of AONTAS is to advocate for the right of every adult in Ireland to quality learning.

Who are adult learners?

AONTAS estimates that there are approximately 300,000 adults involved in formal, further education programmes. These are adults availing of education through local ETBs (including adult literacy, community education, Youthreach, VTOS, Back to Education Initiative, PLC programmes and Senior Traveller Training Centres).  

During the boom years, it is estimated that one in every five people was employed in the construction sector in Ireland. During the recession, employment in the construction, manufacturing and retail sector declined dramatically. With little immediate prospects for employment, many of those employed in these sectors have no other option other than to upskill or retrain. Also an increasing number of highly skilled adults have also found themselves unemployed and adult education is providing a gateway for them to change career. This has led to a dramatic increase in the numbers of adults requesting further education and training making the sector one of the largest growth areas of the whole education system.

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