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AONTAS Strategic Plan

AONTAS Strategic Plan (2015-2018)

Publication cover - AONTAS Strategic Plan 2015-2018Cover image for AONTAS Strategic Plan 2015-2018The AONTAS Strategic Plan 2015-2018 was launched at the General Meeting in November 2014 after an extensive consultation process with its members and adult learners.

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This Strategy outlines three goals that will guide the work of the organisation until 2018. They include promoting the value and benefits of adult learning and advocating for the development of a quality service. They are underpinned by a third goal to build our capacity as an organisation.

 Key Strategic Goals

1) Advocating and Lobbying for development of a quality service for adult learners.

The key objective of this goal is that AONTAS plan to;

-Support Adult Learners to effectively contribute to the development and improvement of adult learning provision through meaningful and local representation. 

-Critique the quality amd delivery of services to adult learners in the current change context with a view to influencing and improving both policy and practice.

-Ensured that the role and value of Community Education recognised and that it is resourced to fulfill the needs of its learners as a key provider with both the FET Strategy and the overall lifelong learning agenda.

2) Promoting the value and benefits of adult learning

The key objectives to achieve this for AONTAS will be to;

-Develop a broad, wide ranging strategy for promoting the value and benefits of adult learning including both it's economica and social outcomes.

-Promote access and participation in adult learning across a range of services both formal and non-formal including further education and training. 


These two goals are underpinning by the third goal;

3) Building Organisational Capacity

In order to ahcieve the previous two goals, the plan also recognises that the organisation will need to build its capacity, which will involve the expansion and engagement from our membership.


Download the Strategic Plan Scoping document (pdf).

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