Monday, 26 June, 2017

AONTAS Submission Action Plan on Jobs 2014

AONTAS Submission Action Plan on Jobs 2014

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This submission focuses on the theme within the consultation process of ‘Supporting job seekers to access employment through skills development, labour market initiatives or other supports.’  It is also relevant to actions in the plans which ‘support employment at local and community level’.  Community education organisations provide a range of services for the local community; these include training and education programmes, work experience and volunteering opportunities, paid employment, as well as valuable community services such as childcare, eldercare and ICT facilities.  

Over the past number of months, AONTAS has advocated for the value of community education not only in terms of its social outcomes, but also as a valid form of labour market activation which works for people who are distant from the labour market, and who experience educational disadvantage and poverty.

AONTAS proposes in this submission that the community education sector is a highly effective intervention in terms of engaging those most distant from the labour market in education and training, thus enhancing their employment prospects.  This submission makes some proposals which could address the issue of long term unemployment through community education.  Some examples of best practice are included from different community education providers.