Tuesday, 25 July, 2017

Maximising Resources - A Position Paper for Budget 2013

Maximising Resources - A Position Paper for Budget 2013

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Maximising Resources is a paper put together by AONTAS in the lead up to Budget 2013. Lack of financial support and a lack of suitable course options are the biggest challenges for adults returning to education, according to callers to AONTAS in 2012.This paper makes four proposals for strengthening further education and training as demand continues to increase.  These four proposals include:

  1. Integrate adult guidance within course provision – this has been proven to boost course retention.  Adult guidance helps people access the right course for them which creates a pathway to further education and eventually employment and save resources.
  2. Connect with employers – the establishment of new Education and Training Boards is an opportunity to create greater connections with local employers, this would help inform course delivery, create more opportunities for work placements and lead to greater employment progression opportunities for learners. 
  3. Explore other funding models – such as the loan model proposed by Social Justice Ireland, which would particularly allow part time third level learners to plan how they can finance third level education if that is the option they choose. 
  4. Establish better systems to gather evidence – which indicate which interventions work best for which learners, thus informing policy and more effective allocation of resources.