Wednesday, 28 June, 2017

Submission to the National Positive Ageing 2009

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This submission focuses solely on the lifelong learning needs of older people in Ireland drawing on our expertise in this area which is informed by our previous research papers and the recently published (2009) report 'Don't Stop Me Now', which reports on the lifelong learning needs of older people in Ireland. The latter piece of research funded by Age and Opportunity, had one significant outcome which is the establishment of the AONTAS Senior Learner Network. This Network comprises over 400 learners from 77 organisations nationwide and was created in collaboration with non-governmental organisations working with older people. This Network acts as an important structure for older learners to share experience; identify and discuss their needs; and to take action collectively in order to create a more effective and equitable adult education system for older people. The network Manifesto which outlines their needs, as articulated and agreed by older learners, will inform the recommendations of this submission.