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The Adult Learner, 2001; Acknowledging Difference

The Adult Learner, 2001; Acknowledging Difference

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This journal examines the issue of racism and looks at how those employed in adult education are attempting to overcome the barriers posed by racism.



01 Racism, Power and Fear of Outsiders
tom inglis

02 Researching the Language Needs ofAsylum Seekers
tanya ward

03 'There is a need for more English classes'and for childcare
agim berisha

04 The White Paper Now - a discussion
ed. ted fleming

05 We'll Meet Again
ad hock

06 Refugees and asylum seekers in Ireland - a population in search of education options?
máirí de woods

07 Loving You Knowing You
eliza beth connors

08 'But the problem was reading and writing' and childcare
aminata meite

09 Adult Education: Teaching English to Asylum Seekers and Refugees
genevieve halkett, nick mulloy

10 Book Reviews

Women and Education in Ireland: Vols 1 and 2

(ed.Bríd Connolly and Anne Bridget Ryan)

Feminist Ways ofKn owing: Towa rds theorising the person for radical adult education
(Anne Bridget Ryan)

The Political Economy of Adult Education and Development
(Frank Youngman)

11 Appendix - document