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The Adult Learner, 2002; Partnership Ideal & Real

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This journal, with a Partnership focus, looks at how the adult education sector engages with the wider environment.




5 Editorial Comment

7 Adult Education and Partnership
helen o'connell

18 Workplace Basic Education - A Partnership Approach
patrick stanton

25 Area Programmes: an effective strategy for tackling poverty?
jim walsh

32 The Ruhama Women's Project
kay bailey

40 The Ad Ed Cup - A Preview
ad hock

42 Local Partnership - Reality or Myth?
eileen curtis

48 Public Private Partnership
liam scollan

57 Integrated Strategies to Address Educational Disadvantage
eileen fahey

Book Reviews

65 Adult Education at the Crossroads: Learning Our Way Out
(Finger, Matthias and Ansun, Jose Manuel. Leicester: N.I.A.C.E. 2001)

69 Curriculum Matters
(KLEAR Curriculum Development Interim Report - Ursula Coleman)

71 Globalisation, Adult Education and Training: Impacts and Issues
(ed. S. Walters, Zed Books, London 1997)

74 Facilitation
(Trevor Bentley, The space between publishing co. 2000)