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The Adult Learner 2004: Adult Education: Where Are We Now?

The Adult Learner 2004: Adult Education: Where Are We Now?

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The articles in this journal look at the shape of adult education in Ireland and ask some searching questions about where the future will take us.



7 Editorial Comment

9 The State of Adult Education
Ted Fleming

18 Adult Education in Ireland: The implications of developments at European Union level
Helen Keogh

27 Swimming with the (main) stream ? The relationship of adult education and the lifelong learning agenda in post-devolution UK
Maria Slowey

42 Planning for the future of the Adult Education Service: A challenge for VECs
Lucas Ó Muircheartaigh

56 Adult Education and the Irish Economy
Sexton Cahill

61 VTOS and BTEI: The local Adult Education Service moves towards maturity
Sean Conlan

68 Accreditation within Adult Education: Reflections and views of local tutors
Deirdre Keyes

78 Adult Literacy Then and Now: An ALO's Perspective
Gretta Vaughan

Book Reviews

85 Gender and Learning: A study of the learning styles of women and men and their implications for further education and training

90 Adults Learning