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The Adult Learner 2007

The Adult Learner 2007

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This edition of the Adult Learner strives to acknowledge the changes and demands of the adult and community education sector since the 1990s by providing a forum for critical analysis in the field.



Editorial Comment

Section 1 - Refereed Articles


  • 15 Redefining Literacy from an Egalitarian Perspective, Maggie Feeley
  • 28 A Scaled-up Model of Ap(e)l for Sectoral Professionalisation:Lessons from the 2005 Valex Pilot Project (Dublin), Anne Murphy
  • 42 Is There a Way Out of this Clinic? An Adult and Community Education Perspective on Methadone and the Absence ofRehabilitation, Thomas O'Brien

Section 2 - Practice Articles

  • 61 Too Many Left Behind: Can Current Policy on Adult Literacy Address the Need for Social Change in Ireland?, Rob Mark
  • 76 Measuring Client Progression in Adult Guidance, Lucy Hearne
  • 85 A Framework for Supporting Adults in Distance Learning Linda Dowling and Orna Ryan


Section 3 - Book Reviews


  • 95 Learning democratically using study circles
  • 97 Teaching Defiance: Stories and Strategies for Activist Educators
  • 100 From the inside out: Emerging perspectives in adult and further education in Ireland
  • 103 Connecting Communities: Practical Guide to using Development Education in Community Settings