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The Adult Learner 2010

The Adult Learner 2010

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7 Editorial Comment
Rob Mark, Queen's University Belfast

Section 1 - Peer Reviewed Articles
13 Progression measurement in adult guidance in Ireland: a contested discourse
Lucy Hearne, University of Limerick

29 Institutional racism in Irish adult education: fact or fiction?

Fiona O'Connor , Waterford Institute of Technology


53 Professionalism in community work and its implications for radicalcommunity education
Camilla Fitzsimons, NUI, Maynooth

72 Literacy learning care: exploring the role of care in literacy learning with survivors of abuse in Irish industrial schools
Maggie Feeley, University College Dublin

91 The role of spirituality in Irish Adult Education in culturally responsive teaching
Elizabeth J Tisdell, Penn State University, Harrisburg, Usa

105 Building a strategic framework for lifelong learning: insights from 'Learning Through Life'
Tom Schuller, National Institute for Adult & Continuing Education, England & Wales


Section 2 - Practice Articles
121 Using the Women's Community Education approach to deliver Community Employment Training: a case study from Longford
Women's Link
Lorne Patterson and Kathleen Dowd, Women's Community Education project, Longford

132 Return to Education for recovering drug addicts: the Soilse Project

Dereck Barter. Soilse, Dublin

Section 3 - Book reviews
153 Flower Power: guide to best practice of women's community education , AONTAS (2010)

156 Adult Education and Lifelong Learning, Co. Cork VEC Adult Education Service

159 Beyond the Workplace: an investigation into older men's learning and well-being inNorthern Ireland

162 Adult Teaching & Learning: developing your practice