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The Adult Learner Journal

The Irish Journal of Adult and Community Education

The Adult Learner is the Irish journal of adult and community education founded in the mid-1980s. It aims primarily to serve the needs of the adult education community in Ireland by providing a forum for critical reflection on the practices of teaching and learning. The journal aims to continue to make knowledge, research and writing accessible to the widest possible audience and emphasises the implications of critique for practice. The journal has a long established practice of giving priority to subject matter that addresses disadvantage, social exclusion, equality, workplace learning and the study of the teacher/student relationship. Community education, literacy, citizenship and access issues are also of importance in the journal. The journal welcomes papers which are relevant to those working across the broad field of Adult and Community Education and which make a contribution to debates both in Ireland and internationally.


The Adult Learner Journal 2016

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Section 1: Perspectives on Community and Lifelong Learning

Section 2: Reflections on Practice

Section 3: Book Reviews

Individual Articles

1. Complex Contexts: Women and community-higher-education in Ireland

2. The Future is Unwritten: Democratic adult education against and beyond neoliberalism

3. Men’s Sheds – Sharing knowledge and learning in the company of men

4. Photovoice: Facilitating fathers’ narratives of care

5. ‘Really Useful Research’ for real equality and justice in adult and community education

6. A Design for Life: A consideration of the learning legacy of P.H. Pearse's The Murder Machine

7. Exploring school exclusion and oppression with Boal


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The Adult Learner Journal 2016

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