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How to become a counsellor?


How to become a Counsellor

Entry to this position is very competitive in Ireland and currently no formal educational qualifications are essential. The Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) has strict ethical guidelines for training for its members and many employers will ask for IACP accreditation. To apply for accreditation applicants must join as an associate member and then take a core counselling course which must be at least 2 years duration full or part-time. Applicants must also complete 450 hours of supervision and training of client work.

There are different levels of entry to this job which include:

·         Degree level – Qualifications in psychology/sociology or social work provide useful knowledge required for this type of job. A degree is very useful but not essential.

·         Postgraduate qualifications in counselling are available.

·         For adult learners very often life experience, maturity and personal qualities can be more important than formal educational qualifications.

·         Work experience- as entry to this job is competitive it's important you try to gain some experience in the field. This would include anything that involves dealing with the public and using the core skills required for the job. Work experience in the caring profession is of benefit.

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What skills are required to be a counsellor?  

There are many important personal qualities required for this area of work which include; excellent listening skills, the ability to provide encouragement and support, discretion, tactfulness, and the ability to sympathise. The ability to maintain confidentiality is crucial to this position.

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