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How to become a Teacher’s Assistant?


How to become a Teacher’s Assistant

What is a Teacher’s Assistant?

 A teacher’s assistant supports teachers with classroom activities and learning, generally in primary or secondary school. This work generally involves working with children, on a one-to-one or in small groups, who may have physical, visual, hearing or behavioural, emotional, or learning difficulties and who therefore have special educational needs. Increasingly the role of the Special Needs Teaching Assistant is to help those with emotional/physical problems to achieve their full potential whilst in education.

What qualifications do you need to become a Teacher’s Assistant?

Previous experience of working with children is essential and maturity is also an advantage. However some employers ask employees to have a formal qualification such as a FETAC certificate in Childcare, Special Needs Assistants or both. Prospective students should note that entry to a FETAC course for mature students does not require formal academic qualifications and is by interview.

So how do you become a Teacher’s Assistant?

It is advised that before taking up a course in this area, that prospective students gain some form of experience of working with children. Prior work or voluntary experience can also provide students with the skills needed to be utilised in the future and this also adds to an individual’s CV. Individuals can however apply directly to a school of their choice for this position. Many schools provide in- house training. Formal training in areas such as first aid and health and safety can support an individual’s application.

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