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How to become a TEFL tutor?


How to become a TEFL tutor    

Courses are delivered on a part-time, evening, distance and weekend basis throughout the country. Fees vary from institution to institution and therefore it is recommended that potential students research their chosen course with the provider. For current listings of recognised courses information is available on the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland website under the ACELS (Accreditation and Co-ordination of English Language Services).

What skills are required to pursue a course or career in this area?

Regulations to teach English vary from country to country, however to teach in Ireland the Department of Education & Skills requires the teacher to have a primary degree plus have successfully completed a TEFL course of not less than 70 hours duration. Although a foreign language is not a requirement it can often prove to be very useful.

What choices are available?

Currently there are 2 recognised certificates for initial TEFL qualifications on offer by course providers in Ireland:

1.       Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language – This is a full initial TEFL Qualification. All successful students who are awarded this certificate are eligible to work in all Department of Education and Skills recognised schools in Ireland. Students are generally required to have a Level 7 Qualification i.e. Ordinary Degree. The length of courses varies but on average is generally 115 hours and includes practical teaching experience.

2.       Certificate for Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Secondary Level Students - This is a preparatory TEFL Qualification aimed at state qualified teachers. It is also open to teachers in their final year of training and all successful students who obtain this qualification are eligible to work in Junior English Language Teaching (Secondary School) sector and in the summer school sector in Ireland. Students are required to have completed or are in the process of completing a H. Dip in Education or alternatively are in their final year of a B.Ed course. Successful completion of both of these is required before students are eligible to teach on Junior courses in recognised English Language Training organisations. These courses are much shorter in length and last approximately 1 week.

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