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How to repeat your Leaving Certificate?


How to repeat your Leaving Certificate        

How do I go about repeating my Leaving Certificate and how much will it cost?

Education and Training Boards offer repeat Leaving Certificate courses in a number of colleges throughout the country. Alternatively a number of private colleges offer repeat Leaving Certificate courses. Enrolment and advice on subject choices normally takes place from the beginning of August to mid September each year, depending on the college. The cost of doing a repeat Leaving Certificate varies. ETB colleges (formerly VECs) are the less expensive option, however students are advised to check with their local ETB to see what exact costs are involved. If you choose to repeat it with a private college the cost is considerably higher. You should contact your local Adult Education Guidance Initiative based in the ETB if you are thinking of repeating your Leaving Certificate. To find contacts for your local Adult Guidance Initiative or ETB visit  or contact our Freephone Helpline on 1800 303 669. 

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