Sunday, 20 August, 2017

What Next : How to get involved in adult learning?

What is an adult learner?


What is an adult learner? We are all adult learners. 

AONTAS believes that people are continually learning throughout their lives from the time they are born until the end of life. We also know that adults have many responsibilities, in the workplace, at home and in their communities, and that formal learning has to be fitted around things we need to do in everyday life. Some of us have left school early while others have completed primary, secondary and third level education. Work life is also changing and most adults are now likely to change jobs several times in our lifetime. Information technology has transformed both the workplace and home life and this means that we constantly need to renew our skills. We also need to take periods of time away from the workplace to take care of our children or older people and will need to refresh our skills to return to employment. Whatever our situation there are opportunities available to us.

At our Learner’s forum during the Adult Learners Festival the message from adult learners was: “Start where you left off”

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