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Back to Education Initiative (BTEI)


What is the Back to Education Initiative?

The Back To Education Initiative provides part-time further education programmes for people with less than upper second level education in a range of flexible learning opportunities. You can also take part in BTEI if you are working and  on a low income. The aim is to give people an opportunity to combine their learning with family, work and other commitments. BTEI offers a wide range of subjects from Junior and Leaving Certificate courses, catering, tourism, communication, arts & crafts, and others. Courses are certified by FETAC. For application forms and further information on BTEI options in your locality, contact the Adult Education officer in your local ETB or your local Adult Guidance Service. Visit for contacts.

What is the cost of BTEI?

BTEI is free to all those:

  • with less than upper second level education
  • in receipt of Social Welfare Payment
  • dependant on a Social Welfare recipient
  • with a current medical card
  • signing for credits

All other participants are charged a participation fee. 

In general, you are allowed to take part in BTEI funded programmes for up to 17 hours per week without it affecting your Social Welfare payments. However, on certain payments you are expected to remain eligible for work. You must furnish your social welfare office with details of the course you are attending. It is best to discuss individual circumstances with the social welfare office.

What are the benefits of taking part in a BTEI programme?

  • Learners have the opportunity to gain a qualification
  • BTEI allows learners to develop new skills, build on existing skills and gain in confidence
  • Pursue new employment options
  • Keep on working while you are learning.

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