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What Next : What is Second Chance & Further Education?

What Next : Upskilling and Training

Intreo and your local Employment Services


If you are looking to get back to work or to upskill there are various options open to you. Due to the economic downturn in Ireland and the high levels of unemployment the government have put a lot of focus and resources in the area of upskilling and training. Your first point of contact should be your local social welfare office. Visit for more information. They will be able to refer you to your nearest service.

Intreo is a new service from the Department of Social Protection. It is a single point of contact for all employment services and the provision of income supports. It provides individualised supports to jobseekers to assist them in getting back to work and increasing their employability. The service is being extended across the Department’s network of offices.

Intreo – Services and Supports to Jobseekers

Intreo provides practical, tailored supports and services to assist jobseekers with their individual needs. It gives them access to a wide range of employment and work experience opportunities.

The range of services include:

  • Employment services and income supports
  • Expert assistance and advice on employment, training, work experience and personal development opportunities.
  • A focus on individual needs to assist a jobseeker to enter the workforce
  • Self-service facilities to provide Jobseeker’s with information and guidance on employment and training opportunities
  • Access to information on job vacancies through
  • Information on the full range of income supports provided by the Department of Social Protection, for example, jobseeker’s payments, back to work and back to education payments, one-parent family payments, pensions and others

On-going support with any queries in relation to Jobseeker’s or one parent family payment claims will continue to be dealt with by the team in your local Intreo Centre or local Employment Services.  



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