1 Jan 2018


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AONTAS took part in the FinALE project from December 2015 - March 2018. The project was created to provide a comprehensive analysis of financing adult learning in Europe. The FinALE project brought partner organisations from six European countries together.   

As part of the FinALE project, research was carried out by Camilla Fitzsimons and Conor McGrath of Maynooth University. This research examined the financing of adult and community education organisations within the Community Education Network and across Europe. The research advocates for a needs-based approach to funding adult and community education. A copy of the research can be found here.  

An Advocacy Toolkit was also produced under the FinALE project. The toolkit aims to enable adult education practitioners and policy-makers to identify key issues when it comes to the financing of adult education, and to take action to improve the situation. A copy of the toolkit can be found here.

Read more about the project here.