1 Feb 2019


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The FutureLabAE project addresses two main issues: the situation of democracy in Europe, where an increasing number of citizens, who, discontent with the political establishment, start leaning towards xenophobic and populist parties or choose not to vote at all; and the alarmingly high number of people in Europe who lack basic skills, especially digital skills, leaving parts of the population unable to benefit from the digital transformation.

Adult education has a role to play in supporting societies and individuals to cope with these two issues. FutureLabAE will provide adult education organisations, staff and trainers with:

A space for discussing with and learning from each other

Knowledge, expertise and tools to become more pro-active in order to develop innovative, change oriented provision which will have, on a medium-term, an extremely positive impact on low-skilled learners and the society as a whole.

Partners in this project will develop recommendations that will allow policy-makers to support the adult education sector in the challenges above mentioned as well as to draft policy initiatives on digitalisation and democracy with a greater impact, and that are more streamlined and coherant for the sector.