Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim ETB Virtual FET Learner Forum - 28th October, 11am

28 October 2020
Who should attend:
Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim ETB FET Learners
1 hour 15 minutes
Prior booking required:

About this event

The Virtual Further Education and Training (FET) Learner Forum is a platform where learners can share their experience of FET learning. These virtual Forum events will give learners the opportunity to share their experience of learning with Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim ETB. Learners will be able to join a discussion on their computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, to share their experience of learning. You share your experience by:

• participating in focus group discussion (1 hour)

• completing survey (15 minutes)

During the event, you will be broken up into groups of 5-6 participants. Each group will have a facilitator who will ask questions. It’s really important to note that there are no right or wrong answers. We want to hear about your own experiences and get your honest feedback.

To Register:

Please click the website link here: This will open up the Eventbrite webpage. Eventbrite is a website where you can register for the Forum event.

When you are on the website, click the orange ‘select a date’ button on the right hand side of the screen. This will take you to a new webpage.

On this page you will see three times and dates for Forum events. You can click the time and date that you would like to attend.

An option will pop up asking how many tickets you would like for the event. Please select ‘1’ ticket and then click the orange ‘register’ button at the bottom right of the webpage.

You will be sent to a page that asks for some contact information. We will use this information to send you the Zoom link for the Forum event. Type in your surname, first name and email in the boxes. There is a space to add a phone number if you wish, but you do not need to include this information.

You are then asked to click a button stating that you consent to taking part in the Forum and that you consent to the event being recorded. We record the sessions so we can use the information for the report we create after the event. We will not use this for any other purpose and we do not include any personal information in these reports.

 You are also asked to click a button beside the QQI level of the course you are taking. We will use this information to put you into groups at the Forum event. If you are not sure what level your course is, you can ask your tutor or look up your course at . If you are doing a course that does not have a QQI level, you can choose the ‘unaccredited’ button.

When you have completed all these steps, you can click the orange register button at the bottom right hand of the webpage. You are now registered for the event and will get an email confirming that you are registered to the email that you included.

 If you have any issues registering for the event or have any questions, please email or call 087 971 0231. 

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Contact details:
Tel: 087 971 0231