Adult and Community Education in Northern Ireland: An AONTAS Collaboration

16 Mar 2021
On Day 3 of the AONTAS Adult Learners’ Festival 2021 (Wednesday, 3rd March 2021), 22 educators and practitioners from Northern Ireland’s adult and community education sector joined a webinar which to learn more about AONTAS’ work and to share their experiences during COVID-19.

This event included contributions from AONTAS, the Forum for Adult Learning in Northern Ireland (FALNI) and Cork Education and Training Board. During the event, attendees from adult and community education groups in Northern Ireland participated in a focus group that will inform an upcoming report led by Colin Neilands (FALNI) on behalf of AONTAS.

Representatives from Adult and Community Education Organisations in Northern Ireland attend a Zoom event.
Key issues arising from discussions between attendees included:

You may be interested to learn further about AONTAS’ advocacy for educational equality in Northern Ireland through the Network for Adult Learning Across Borders (NALAB). Click here to learn more about this .

AONTAS warmly thanks all who attended this event and those who participated in the Festival week. 2,557,558 people were reached through AONTAS' Festival Communications activities. More information about the Adult Learners' Festival is available here