AONTAS in Europe: AONTAS' Educational Exchanges

8 Jan 2024
Writing by Ecem Akarca, EU Projects Coordinator.

We’re always working with our European colleagues to achieve our collective goals of making education more accessible for everyone. We actively organise and host study visits and summits to foster meaningful exchanges with our colleagues from across the EU. Let's look at some recent examples.

Study Visits: Building Bridges Across Nations

In 2023, we focussed on supporting transnational cooperation. Hosting study visits was a cornerstone to this, uniting National Coordinators for the New European Agenda for Adult Learning, and Ministries of Education from many different European regions.

One of the notable study visits welcomed Karine Nicolay, the Flanders, Belgium National Coordinator, to Dublin. The day was packed with insightful engagements. Karine attended the Project Advisory Group (PAG) Meeting, got together with the AONTAS team, and actively contributed to discussions on NEAAL projects. This exchange not only deepened cooperation but also provided a platform for shared learning and for inspiring other organizations from Ireland.

The momentum continued with a remarkable visit by Terhi Kouvo, the Managing Editor for Aikuiskasvatus from KVS Finland. Terhi came to the AONTAS' offices and this led to a rich exchange of ideas. Discussions between Terhi and the AONTAS team allowed for shared knowledge on the Irish education system, advocacy work, and insights into community education in Ireland.

These study visits are instrumental in advancing discourse and practices in adult education, enabling the exchange of best practices and a deeper understanding of varied educational systems across Europe.

The AONTAS Adult Education Summit

“A Window to the World”: the AONTAS Adult Education Summit 2023 saw a remarkable gathering of National Coordinators for the New European Agenda for Adult Learning. The Summit, which took place in Dublin in November 2023, was a hub for shared knowledge and collaboration. Representatives from Estonia and Malta, among others, came to Dubin to exchange insights and ideas, all in the spirit of collective learning and cooperation.

Such initiatives serve as building blocks for a more integrated and enriched educational landscape across Europe. We continue to drive the transformation of adult learning and our goal of making education more accessible for all.

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