August Membership Update and Engagement Webinars

1 Sep 2021

This month AONTAS Membership and Engagement Webinars included:

Mitigating against Educational Disadvantage Fund (MAEDF) Workshop and Reopening during COVID-19.

Details and videos can be found below. If there is a topic you would like to see covered please contact Barry Dolan, AONTAS Communications and Membership Officer at: 

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AONTAS continues to create opportunities for our members to engage and learn as part of our very successful AONTAS Membership and Engagement Webinars. The webinars, hosted by AONTAS staff focus on different topics in a supportive environment. Topics are guided by our members and so far have included; 


August 2021 Membership Update and Engagement Webinars


Mitigating against Educational Disadvantage Fund (MAEDF) Workshop

Date: 18th August 2021

Number attended: 72

This webinar focused on the Mitigating against Educational Disadvantage Fund (MAEDF) for Community Education.  AONTAS provided an overview, outlined our support system, and provided successful examples from the previous fund in 2020. We also enjoyed an input from Martha Bolger (Education and Training Boards Ireland). 

Fund applications should be submitted through your local Education and Training Board. Deadlines may vary.

Please contact  Dearbháil Lawless, AONTAS Head of Advocacy: with MAEDF queries. 

Watch the presentation now: 


Reopening during COVID-19

Date: 25th August 2021

Number attended: 35

On Wednesday,  25th August AONTAS staff met with groups across Ireland and prepare for reopening during COVID-19. The pandemic is a challenging time for the sector and yet the adult and community education sector has shown great strength, resilience and innovation in fostering inclusive and supportive learning environments.

This webinar looked at the current available guidelines, guidance from SOLAS and ETBI, and sharing best practice among providers. Members shared their experiences and expertise, voice concerns and worked together in planning for Autumn 2021.

Please contact Dearbháil Lawless, Head of Advocacy for reopening and policy related queries via email at:

Watch the presentation now: 


AONTAS Membership Update and Engagement Webinars are open to all our members. For information on how to become an AONTAS member and our upcoming member webinars, please contact Barry Dolan, AONTAS Communications and Membership Officer at:

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