June Membership Update and Engagement Webinars

2 Jul 2021

This month AONTAS Membership and Engagement Webinars included: STAR Award Winners Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) giving guidance on accessibility provision for people with physical disabilities in adult education and in recognition of Pride month we heard from BeLonG To and Rooted In Africa and Ireland (RIAINetwork) as they discussed, How to promote inclusion in adult education?

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AONTAS continues to create opportunities for our members to engage and learn each week as part of our very successful AONTAS Membership and Engagement Webinars. The webinars, hosted by AONTAS staff focus on different topics each week in a supportive environment. Topics are guided by our members and so far have included; 


June 2021 Membership Update and Engagement Webinars


STAR Award Winner Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA)

Date: 16th June 2021

Number attended: 24

In this AONTAS Membership and Engagement Webinar, we heard from 2021 AONTAS STAR Award Winner, the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA).

Jennifer Murray, Ability Programme Manager and Martin Kelly, Operational Training Team Lead shared their work with us and looked at how adult educators can provide an accessible learning environment for people with physical disabilities.

In this valuable webinar, we also heard from learner Sarah Harrington who gave her own experience as a learner and an educator with a disability.

As always, the webinar brought participants together in breakout rooms to discuss the presentation and look at challenges and opportunities in adult education.

Watch the IWA STAR Award video here:

Watch the presentation now: 




How to promote inclusion in adult education? - Combined Networking Event

Date: 23rd June 2021

Number attended: 36

This networking event gave members from the AONTAS Community Education Network and our general membership an opportunity to come together to discuss this important topic of inclusion with a focus on learners from the LGBTI+ community. The event included breakout sessions to discuss issues highlighted by Pride month and reflect on speaker inputs with energetic feedback to the main room.

We want to thank our presenters; Beryl Ohas, LGBTQIA co-leader from Rooted In Africa and Ireland (RIAINetwork) and Sean Frayne, Sexual Health & Youth Worker with BeLonG To.

Watch the presentation now: 




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