The STAR Awards

5 Mar 2018
A poem by adult learner Noeleen Watson
The excitement 

The buzz

The talk about town 

Well, it's not the Oscars

It's the Star Awards.


What's that you might ask?

It's a very special event 

That recognises people 

From all over Ireland

For helping, teaching and inspiring people 

Back into adult learning.


They type




All the stories 

All the tears 

The laughter 

And the hope 

And they bundle it all together

And email it to the judges.


They read  


Cry and laugh 

Each entry stirs an emotion

They sit 



To all the finalist 

And OMG is their job so hard.


Each entry bursts in 

With so much inspiration 

That the world should witness 

Facebook Twitter Instagram 

Observe what the judges see

Now that would make a different world


Today is their day

The drum roll will play

To hear whose won 

More tears more excitement

The tension builds

And then 

The winners are ......

Everyone is a winner

They've all done their very best 


So as I said it may not be the Oscars 

Or have a red carpet 

But it has so much more

And that's for sure.


Enjoy the day.

May it bring a smile, a tear and a huge clap of hands

For everyone there

Is a star bursting to shine.


By Noeleen Watson 2018