Top 10 Benefits of Returning to Education

13 Aug 2018
Every year many adults begin their journey back to education, for some they may have had a long break from formal education and others may be looking to update their skills. VTOS is just one of the many options open available. Having successfully completed their Leaving Certificate, learners from VTOS in Navan share their top 10 benefits of returning to education. Many VTOS participants in the Louth and Meath Education and Training Board progress each year to third level education or employment.

1.      Career Prospects

Learning new skills opens up new opportunities that might not have been available before. Learning empowers adults and helps them achieve their aspirations and career goals. Returning to education demonstrates to employers that you are willing to work, use your time well, adapt to new environments and it also adds to your C.V.

 2.      Confidence

Discovering your talents and expanding your skills through learning increases self-esteem and learners can gain a sense of pride and confidence in their achievements.


3.      Decision making

Unemployment, leaving school early or a lack of formal education can result in a low level of confidence. This can mean that making decisions can be very challenging. Returning to learning can allow adults to make more informed decisions about their lives, careers and take control of their future.

 4.      Happiness

Studies show that adults who return to education gain and use new skills and, as a result, become happier with their daily lives.

 5.      Health

Learning itself stimulates the brain and helps to maintain better mental health. Routine gives people a sense of purpose and worth which contributes to longevity and good health in later life.

 6.      Independence

Acquiring new skills and confidence means that adult learners are no longer as dependent on welfare services or family members and, instead, many people become leaders within their own family, communities and class groups.

 7.      Personal Development

Learning is a process of self- improvement‚ allowing people to reflect on who they are, recognize the many skills gained throughout their lives and adds more dimensions to their capability‚ character and interests.

 8.      Professional Development

Engaging in the learning process of Continual Professional Development (CPD) and Lifelong Learning ensures that adult learners have the latest knowledge that allows them to compete favorably in college or the workplace.

 9.      Self-Direction

Learning brings meaning and purpose to life; helping to clarify future aspirations and gives adult learners a sense of self-worth and direction.

 10.   Wisdom

Acquiring knowledge allows you to share that with others. The process of passing on learning in this way brings you closer to others and develops a tight knit community. Learning benefits families inspiring others to follow in your shoes. The power of learning allows adult learners to make real changes that will benefit them and their families.

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