19 Oct 2023

Adult learning through Art and Creativity: Join a workshop with the National Gallery of Ireland at the “Window to the World” AONTAS Adult Education Summit 2023

People sitting together on the floor and on steps of the stairs in the main hall of the National Gallery of Ireland, with pencils and drawing paper in their hands

Art and being creative can help people to learn and think about things in new ways. It can encourage people to ask questions in ways they may not feel comfortable doing in formal learning environments. And being creative can have a huge positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.

We’re excited to have the National Gallery of Ireland giving a workshop at our “Window to the World” AONTAS Adult Education Summit, taking place in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin on 15th November 2023.

This session will focus on Learning through Engagement in the National Gallery of Ireland’s Collection. Facilitated by Caomhán Mac Con Iomaire – Education Officer with Responsibility for Art Practice, Access agus Gaeilge at the Gallery – the workshop will be divided into a talk and a practical session.

The talk will explore how the art on display at the National Gallery can be a source of inspiration for people, and how the gallery offers programmes to open up access and people’s enjoyment of the paintings.

These approaches could be adopted by adult learning providers to make art and creativity a part of their teaching methods.

The practical part is a taster session of the Gallery’s “Drawing from the Collection” workshop, which gives attendees a chance to put the methods discussed into practice. 

A well-known artwork from the Gallery’s permanent collection will be projected on screen and participants will be invited to draw, while also learning about the artist, the artwork itself, and the context when it was painted.

Through an open atmosphere, and a focus on making the art accessible to everyone, attendees will gain a deeper sense of creative activity and its benefits, which they can apply to their own classrooms. No artistic experience is needed, and materials will be provided! 

All places for the Summit have now been taken up, so registration is closed. Add your details here to join the Waiting List.

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