20 Jun 2024

AONTAS Highlights Financial Barriers to Education in 'Future of Education' Report 2024

AONTAS features in the ‘Future of Education’ 2024 report, available as a supplement in the Irish Independent today. 

The report explores key challenges and opportunities shaping Irish education and includes opinion pieces from thought leaders throughout the sector. AONTAS CEO Dearbháil Lawless dives into our research findings that reveal high costs are preventing many from returning to education. In fact, almost 1 in 3 adults surveyed by AONTAS have said they need more financial support. 

AONTAS has heard from adult learners who have been forced to choose between heating their homes and funding their education, leaving their courses to pay for their rent and sleeping in vans due to not being able to afford accommodation.   

“People can’t learn without basics like housing, heat, food, mental health, childcare and transport”, writes Dearbháil Lawless in the ‘Future of Education’ 2024 report. She goes on to say that people are being left behind in our education system, “contributing to inequality”. You can read Dearbhail’s piece in full, here.  

These financial barriers that adult learners face will be the focus of our national ‘Holding You Back’ campaign which is launching this September.