14 Apr 2022

AONTAS Invitation to Tender - Strategic Plan 2023-2026

AONTAS is coming to the end of our current Strategic Plan (2019-2022), A Vision for Educational Equality. Since 2016, AONTAS has grown in size (resources and staff team) and scope of influence in adult learning advocacy  working on an all-island basis nationally and at EU level.  

We are now seeking a Consultant(s) to support the development of a new Strategic Plan for the next four years from 2023 to 2026.

Given the progress of AONTAS over the course of the current plan, consideration needs to be made on:

  1. The strategic position of AONTAS post-2022
  2. How we demonstrate the impact of our work to the Board, our members, our funders and the general public
  3. Consideration of the organisational structure to deliver future work (taking into account the increase in staff numbers, scope of work, and funding)


Taking a holistic approach to the Strategic Planning Process we require work on three packages:

Work Package 1: Development of the AONTAS Strategic Plan 2023-2026

Work Package 2: Development of appropriate methods to measure and communicate impact

Work Package 3: Proposals for an organisational structure to meet effective delivery of the Strategic Plan

Working with the Consultant(s), the development of the Strategic Plan will be primarily supported by the AONTAS Board - Governance Subcommittee, the CEO and with a Project Manager from the staff team. Progress will be reported to the AONTAS Board.

Closing Date 

The closing date for receipt of tenders to AONTAS is 12 noon on Friday, 6th May 2022. Any tenders received after this time and date will not be considered for adjudication.

For More Information 

Please click here to download a PDF file with further information about the tender and how to apply.

For further queries please contact Dr Niamh O’Reilly, AONTAS CEO via email at: