AONTAS Profiles the Role of Citizenship and Human Rights Education in Strasbourg

AONTAS, the National Adult Learning Organisation will travel to Strasbourg, France today, 20th June 2016 to take part in an international conference on Citizenship and Human Rights Education in Europe.

The conference will profile the role of education in tackling some of the major challenges facing Europe including integration and violent radicalisation.

The conference, hosted by the Council of Europe will include some 300 delegates from 47 countries.

Speaking ahead of the conference, Saorlaith Ní Bhroin, European Projects Officer said: “We have witnessed growing populism in Europe and the rise of fake news. Adult education can provide learners with the critical thinking skills to help distil the masses of information, both online and offline.

This conference brings experts from across Europe together to work on a 5-year plan to promote citizenship and human rights education. At national level, if we are to become a truly inclusive society, we must support citizenship and human rights initiatives.”

This trip is taking place as part of the ERASMUS+ ‘Making an Impact at European Level’ project, an EU-funded project that supports the professional development of adult education workers.

Speaking about the conference AONTAS CEO Niamh O’Reilly said: “Education prepares us for life, not just the workplace. Our members provide active citizenship courses in community education centres around the country. There are many benefits to these courses – with learners becoming more involved in their communities, through volunteering and local politics. AONTAS continues to promote the wider benefits of adult learning and the value of non-accredited learning.”