Saturday, 19 August, 2017


BL5Q8018AGM 2013The mission of AONTAS is to advocate for the right of every adult in Ireland to quality learning. We believe in the right of every adult to continue their learning throughout their lives. AONTAS is first and foremost a membership organisation and we support our members through consultation, networking, information provision and by undertaking research. We are dedicated to increasing the profile of adult and community education, influencing policy, supporting adult learners and highlighting the role the sector plays in promoting active citizenship. We have over 500 members, so if you or your organisation is involved or has an interest in adult and community education, join AONTAS today.

 Who are AONTAS members?

AONTAS has three categories of membership - Individual, Organisational and Associate.

 Organisational members - any organisations involved in adult education. Examples include:

  • Women's and Men's groups
  • Family Resource Centres
  • Education and Training Boards, Third Level and Further Education Providers
  • Partnership Companies
  • Museums
  • Libraries

Individual members - adult learners, tutors, facilitators, organisers of adult education and anyone interested in adult education.