Sunday, 04 October, 2015

Launch of report providing in-depth analysis of PIAAC with participants at or below Level 2

A PIACC Seminar will take place on Wednesday the 7th October in the Hilton Hotel Kilmainham. This seminar will focus on the findings from PIAAC on skills use, workplace skills and social participation among participants at or below Level 2. This full day seminar is funded through the European Agenda for Adult Learning (EAAL) and is hosted jointly by AONTAS and the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA).

Date: Wednesday 7 th October 2015

Venue: Hilton Hotel, Kilmainham, Dublin 

Time 9.45 am – 3.00 pm

The focus of the seminar will be to:

· Present the findings from the further analysis of the PIAAC data;

· Discuss the response of stakeholders to the practice and policy implications arising from the data;

· Explore opportunities for collaboration, partnership and further research.

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New developments to ‘One Step Up’ to make it even easier for adults to find their Education and Training Options

OneStepUp2One Step Up is a project set up as an initiative which promotes the EU agenda for adult learning and raises awareness about education and training options available through a website, an online calendar of events and a Freephone Helpline 1800 303 669.

Since the website was launched in November 2013 the project has received  11,189 profiles through the One Step Up website, received over a thousand calls through the Freephone Helpline and promoted over 900 education and training events taking place nationwide.

This year AONTAS, who manage the project and who have been assigned the role of National Co-ordinators for the implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning (EAAL) carried out a survey with key stakeholders (learners, providers) to get feedback on the usability of the website. 

To read more about the new developments to One Step Up click here

The National Adult Learner Forum 2016

Solas 23AONTAS has many years’ experience of organising and facilitating learner events and giving people a platform to voice their issues. Examples of this include our Lobby for Learning Days in which policy makers were given the opportunity to engage in dialogue with learners, and the SOLAS Learner Consultation in which learners were given an opportunity to help influence the Further Education and Training (FET) Strategy. As a result of this work AONTAS has been named as the main lead organisation in the FET Strategy to establish a National Adult Learner Forum.

The 1st National Adult Learner Forum meeting will take place on Friday 26th February 2016 during our Adult Learners’ Festival. Our goal is to create a National Adult Learner Forum that facilitates meaningful engagement of learners across FET programmes so that learners can effectively influence national FET policy. In order to build a solid foundation for this yearly event, 2015 will serve as an exploratory year so that AONTAS can learn from stakeholders and practitioners in order to identify what learner voice mechanisms exist at local level and how they can link to the National Adult Learner Forum.

To read more about the work of the National Adult Learner Forum click here.