Key Areas of Work

AONTAS, as an advocacy NGO for adult learning has the capacity and experience to act as a link between national policy actions and what happens in practice on the ground. Through occupying this position AONTAS can critically assess the relationship between policy and practice and facilitate valuable dialogue between policy makers, practitioners and learners, thereby strengthening the voice, visibility and value of adult learning in the wider context of lifelong learning.

AONTAS has acted as a strong advocate for adult and community education. We actively and proactively respond to policy developments and build effective relationships with key policy makers in striving for a more equitable lifelong learning field.

AONTAS has a unique position as the national voice of adult learning. In 2016 we capitalised on our existing body of knowledge and with our members, and other stakeholders, we focussed on promoting a broad understanding of the benefits and value of lifelong learning particularly in the current change context.

As an overarching umbrella body we worked to promote the range of learning opportunities available to people in the new restructured system. In our role as promoter AONTAS has identified two key objectives accompanied by key actions.

AONTAS believes that building the profile and status of adult and community education is a priority and has developed a communications strategy to support this work in order to ensure our message is clear and reaches the widest possible audience.

The objectives and actions of the organisation are ambitious and far reaching. In order to deliver on them successfully AONTAS is committed to building our organisational capacity to the highest standards.

Membership is open to all organisations, groups and individuals interested in the promotion or advancement of adult education.



A voluntary committee drew up the Constitution for the Association which was ratified in 1970 and redrafted in 1978. AONTAS has amended its Constitution over the years to reflect the changing nature of adult education.