Community Education

Community education is adult learning that takes place in local communities across Ireland. It is person-centred and responds to what people need. It is particularly important for people who have had negative experiences of education and who have suffered the impact of poverty, addiction, and social inequality. Its supportive environment is proven to help people come back to and stay in adult learning,

Community education has a proven track record in helping people from the most under-resourced communities and people who have faced the most challenges in their education and in their lives. Community education helps build people's confidence and sense of connection with others, and is often a first step back to learning.

AONTAS Community Education Network (CEN)

The Community Education Network (CEN) was established by AONTAS in 2007. It is a network of over 100 independently-managed community education providers who work together to share information and resources, offer professional development, and demonstrate why community education should be sustainably funded and valued as a crucial part of our education system.

CEN membership

Membership of the Community Education Network is free for AONTAS members. CEN membership is subject to certain criteria: all members must be local, self-managed, independent community education organisations committed to social change.