Community Education

The supportive environment of community education works to increase the engagement of adult learners and those who have had negative experiences of education.

AONTAS has long argued that community education has a proven track record in effectively engaging the most educationally disadvantaged learners and providing quality educational experiences that meets their needs. These groups may not have the confidence to access formal adult education opportunities in local institutions and so, community education acts for them, as a first step back to education.

AONTAS Community Education Network (CEN)

The Community Education Network (CEN) was established by AONTAS in 2007. It is a network of over 100 independently-managed community education providers who work collaboratively, sharing information and resources, engaging in professional development and working to ensure that community education is valued and resourced.

CEN membership

Membership of the Community Education Network is free for AONTAS members. Please note CEN membership is subject to criteria; all members must be local, self-managed, independent community education organisation committed to social change.