EU projects help AONTAS to strengthen our advocacy work in Ireland. With our European colleagues, we're stronger together. 

We're working to make a different in global challenges, like climate change and sustainability, the digital divide, and threats to democracy. 

European projects also offer great opportunities for capacity building, sharing best practice, developing resources, and training for AONTAS members across Ireland.

We'll keep fighting for the right of all adults in Ireland to access quality lifelong learning. 


AONTAS is also involved in a number of European projects which aim to support our members with their work and promote access to, and participation in adult learning.

BEEP: Basic Education and Empowerment for Political Participation

Here at AONTAS, we believe that adult education can strengthen democracy. That’s why we got involved in the Basic…

Regional Capacity for Adult Learning and Education (RegALE)

The goal of this project - "Regional capacity for Adult Learning and Education" or RegALE - is to strengthen the…