Community Education Network Meeting - November 2020

05 November 2020
11.00am - 1.00pm
Who should attend:
Members of the AONTAS Community Education Network
Prior booking required:
Event held via Webinar

About this Event

Over the year, and as so much learning and work has shifted online, Susan Cullinane (Community Education Facilitator, Kildare Wicklow and Education and Training Board) and Jerry O’Neill (Maynooth University) have been exploring ways of holding on to some of the core values and processes that are central to community education. During the upcoming Community Education Network (CEN) meeting they will tap into these processes and values by drawing on walking as a process of dialogic reflexivity, providing the opportunity for CEN members to reflect on their own work while engaging in a walking dialogue with a fellow participant.

Drawing on the dialogic book of Paulo Freire and Myles Horton “We make the road by walking” the CEN meeting will provide a space to engage in some deep reflexivity on our work as community educators and will model a process that can be adapted and developed further in your own practice.

 So, why not come along, and walk with us for a bit to see what road we can make together as we reflect on our own work?

If you choose to come along, we will meet on Zoom initially before inviting you to engage in a walking dialogue with a fellow participant for 20-30 mins.    

In these walking dialogues, pairs are guided to walk, talk and listen into and around a reflexive question posed by the facilitators.  More instructions on the process will be given to participants before the event and again on the day. 

  Points to note:

  • Participants will be encouraged to walk for 20-30 minutes on a known route to them (People unable to do this will also be included)
  • As part of the process participants will initiate a conversation over their phone with another member of the CEN
  • The session will start and end with participation in webinar format


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