The Teaching Council & Further Education and Training Contexts

6 Nov 2018
There is much confusion within the Further Education and Training (FET) sector and among FET practitioners (teachers, trainers, tutors, instructors, facilitators etc.) as to who needs to be registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland and why, who does not need to be registered, and what the registration criteria are for Further Education (FE) teacher.

Sarah Bates Evoy, Waterford & Wexford ETB (WWETB) BTEI tutor; WIT PhD candidate has written an informative article aimed at addressing this confusion by outlining the current registration context for FE teachers, and identifying the FET contexts where FET practitioners need to have Teaching Council registration. The full article can be accessed at:

In our latest blog she shares a snippet from her article that draws attention to a closing window of opportunity for some FET practitioners to gain full registration with the Teaching Council as ‘Further Education teachers’ without having a Teaching Council recognised teacher education qualification. 

FE Teacher Registration Criteria until 1st January 2019

A common misperception among FET practitioners is that practitioners need to have a Teaching Council recognised teacher education qualification (TEQ) in order to register as an FE teacher with the Council.  However, until the end of 2018, a registration criterion contained in the 2009 Teaching Council registration regulations will continue to be applied.  This criterion facilitates the full registration of individuals as FE teachers without a teaching qualification, if they:

  1. completed or commenced their primary degree (NFQ Level 8) prior to November 2009;
  2. completed or commenced their primary degree (NFQ Level 7) prior to November 2009 and have 3 years experience related to their qualification and subject area;
  3. Hold an Advanced (National Craft) Certificate at NFQ Level 6 or higher and have 5 years’ post apprenticeship experience in a workplace supervisory role.

Part c) will continue (post-2018) to lead to full registration for practitioners who hold an Advanced (National Craft) Certificate, but part a) and b) will no longer lead to full registration from 1st January 2019 for ‘non-craft’ practitioners. 

Note: To confirm FE teacher registration criteria or to inquire about individual cases, please consult the Teaching Council’s website, phone the Teaching Council on (01) 6517900, or email them on