Zooming in with our Finnish Colleagues for an Online Study Visit

23 Feb 2022
Ecem Akarca, EU Projects Officer, shares her experience participating in the recent AONTAS study visit with Kvs Finland.

Human connection has been a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have missed travelling to meet our international colleagues, visiting their centres, and learning from their experiences. 

However, at AONTAS, we have not let that stop us. Zoom has been allowed us to continue with our work meetings and our online study visits. In 2021, we met with colleagues in Finland and Norway as part of the European Agenda for Adult Learning project (EAAL).

Study Visits
Why does AONTAS host study visits?

As part of AONTAS' EAAL work, we host study visits with fellow National Coordinators and Ministries of Education from across Europe. These study visits allow us to increase our knowledge of education practices, policy and research. They also provide new dialogue opportunities with colleagues and help us to find new innovative solutions to support adult learners, and the adult learning sector. 

Who is the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation?

Kvs is a politically and religiously non-affiliated organisation, established in 1874. The Kvs Foundation is an independent think tank on lifelong learning. Their core expertise is in the fields of learning, innovation and communication. Their primary activities include future-oriented projects, open-access publications and educational services. AONTAS works collaboratively with The Kvs Foundation in two Erasmus+ projects, Futurelab and Bildung.

One of the most exciting projects of Kvs is the Media Literacy programme they run for Palestinian people.

Media Guide offers media literacy education to Palestinian non-governmental organisation practitioners, journalists and municipality workers by arranging hands-on workshops and theoretical training on media literacy and the importance of media ethics, social media and marketing. The Kvs Foundation has been offering educational services in Palestine since 2015, with funding from the Finnish Foreign Ministry. 

After this study visit, AONTAS invited The Kvs Foundation to our Learners as Leaders and AONTAS Member Collaborative Webinar – Sustainable Development. Jarmo Pykälä presented information on the Media Guide and highlighted how this work promotes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We believe that fostering synergies between the European adult education community is crucial. If you’d like to get involved in study visits by hosting colleagues and/or visiting their organisations internationally, please get in touch with us. 

This Study Visit was hosted as part of AONTAS' 2020-2021 project 'Adult and Community Education: Supported Learner Pathways' as part of the European Agenda for Adult Learning.

If you would like to get involved with our EAAL project or find out about the activities, please get in touch with Ecem Akarca, AONTAS EU Projects Officer, at: