10 Jan 2018

Call for Papers - The Adult Learner Journal 2018

PLEASE NOTE: Deadline has been extended to 9am on Monday 9th April 2018

AONTAS is now seeking submissions for The Adult Learner - 2018 Edition. The Theme of The Adult Learner 2018 is Taking the Temperature of Adult Learning in 2018. Adult education generally - but further education and training, and community education specifically - has experienced significant changes in recent years in Ireland, the UK, and internationally. This forward-looking edition of the Adult Learner Journal will focus on analysing the changes from the perspective of policy and practice since 2010 with recommendations for the future.

Deadline for Submissions

The deadline for all submissions has been extended and will be 9am on Monday 9th April - Please note that contributions cannot be accepted after this date.

To submit a paper: 

By Post: The Editor, The Adult Learner 2018, 2nd Floor, 83-87 Main Street, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

By Email: Please send to

Adult Learner Journal Style Guide   

All papers submitted must strictly conform to the Adult Learner Style Guide 2018 – available here.

Please note the following requirements for the submission of articles. You must adhere strictly to the Adult Learner Journal Style Guide, if articles do not adhere to the style guide they will be sent back to the author for amendment.  

About the Adult Learner Journal

The Adult Learner is the Irish Journal of adult and community education founded in the mid 1980s. It aims primarily to serve the needs of the adult education community in Ireland by providing a forum for critical reflection on the practices of teaching and learning. The Journal aims to continue to make knowledge, research and writing accessible to the widest possible audience and emphasises the implications of critique for practice. The Journal has a long established practice of giving priority to subject matter that addresses disadvantage, social exclusion, equality, workplace learning and the study of the teacher/student relationship. Community education, literacy, citizenship and access issues are also of importance in the Journal. The Journal welcomes papers which are relevant to those working across the broad field of adult and community education and which make a contribution to debates both in Ireland and internationally. 

Important Information: 

This year’s edition of the Journal we will be looking for submissions which will focus on analysing the changes from the perspective of policy and practice since 2010 with recommendations for the future.

 We are looking for:

  1. SECTION 1: Papers which engage in critical debate and analysis of concepts, policies and theories and/or practices in the field. They may include findings from recent research and where this is so, should include a brief outline of any research methodologies used. Papers which initiate dialogue between individuals, groups or sectors in the field of lifelong learning are also welcome. These papers should NOT exceed 5,000 words in length including references.


  1. SECTION 2: Practice- based papers or other contributions including case studies  which exchange ideas about what works in various programmes and contexts, which are innovative,  and which share examples of good practice. These papers engage in analysis of practical aspects. Papers should NOT exceed 3,000 words in length including references.  


  1. SECTION 3: Responses/Critiques. The Journal will consider publishing critiques of articles or responses to topics/articles in the previous issue of the Journal. These should be written in academic style and should be backed up by evidence. They should be no more than 1,000 words in length.

Please state clearly on your submission which section you are submitting to. We will not accept papers which exceed the word limits. Please note papers which exceed the word limits will be returned.

Please Note: Only one submission paper will be accepted per author for an edition of the Journal unless otherwise specified by the Editorial Board.

All papers submitted undergo a reviewing process which involves at least two reviewers. Where contributions are accepted this may be on condition that changes recommended by referees are taken into account. We recommend contributors consider the diversity of our readership and ask that articles are written with an international readership in mind. We are very grateful for all contributions submitted and will consider each on its merits and provide feedback.

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