The Adult Learner Journal Writers’ Workshops - Finalising Articles

11 January 2023
Who should attend:
1 hour 30 minutes
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The Adult Learner Journal Writers’ Workshops

AONTAS is delighted to host two writers’ workshops to support researchers and practitioners to develop abstracts and articles for publication. These workshops will be of interest to anyone working in the adult education field, particularly anyone who wishes to submit work to our peer-reviewed journal The Adult Learner. We will hold two online workshops. The first will focus on developing theory articles (8,000 words) and practice articles (3,000 words), networking with fellow authors, and discussing the style guide. The second will focus on developed articles and answer questions about the writing process. We invite you to attend one or both sessions.

Writers’ Workshop 2 - Finalising Articles

This workshop will focus on answering questions about developed theory articles or practice articles before the submission deadline. We will discuss topic, writing style and the components required for a theory or practice article to meet The Adult Learner journal criteria. We will also answer any questions you may have about The Adult Learner style guide.

(Duration: 1.5 hours)

AONTAS (2022). Call for Articles, The Adult Learner 2023. Dublin: AONTAS.


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