13 Oct 2017

AONTAS Response to Budget 2018

In preparation for Budget 2018, AONTAS made a pre-budget submission. The focus of this submission was to ensure the existence of a national lifelong learning infrastructure that is effectively funded and accessible to all citizens across Ireland.

Specifically AONTAS called for the following:

1. QQI waivers for the community education sector

1b. Implement a fee waiver process

2. Secure, reliable, and effective funding for the community education sector

3. Implementation of Option 1 for funding of higher education (Cassells Report)

Tuesday 10th October saw the announcement of Budget 2018, unfortunately our pre-budget submission requests were not specifically detailed in Budget 2018, however we welcome the overall increased investment in education and a number of other measures that look at supporting increased educational equality.

Read our full response here.